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22138A Minnie Kids Bike

Detailed specifications


Size: 12" 16"

Type: KIDS

Brake system: Coaster brake/Hand brake


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Ningbo Tekmax Bicycle Co., Ltd.
SINCE 2012

FuturuX Global Limited (Hong Kong) was established in 2001 and is engaged in bicycle export business. And in 2008, it acquired the American Huffy Company (the American Huffy Company is one of the three major bicycle brands in the United States, with a history of 100 years, and now has a market share of about 35% in the American children's bicycle industry). The American company is responsible for the research and development, design and sales of the front end of the bicycle.
Ningbo Tekmax Bicycle Co., Ltd. is one of the subsidiaries of FuturuX Global Limited China (Jiangsu Tekmax Bicycle Co., Ltd., Jurong Taijia Bicycle Parts Co., Ltd., Dingtai (Jiangsu) Light Alloy Co., Ltd., Ningbo Taichuang Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Company), the company was established in 2012, covers an area of ​​125,300 square meters, and has a total investment of 70 million US dollars. It is a company specializing in 22138A Minnie Kids Bike manufacturing for 20 years. It has a total of 2,000 employees. Has rich experience in international trade and domestic sales. As a professional 22138A Minnie Kids Bike suppliers and 22138A Minnie Kids Bike company, Its products cover 10-inch baby carriages - 26-inch mid-to-high-end bicycles, performance vehicles, recreational vehicles, mountain bikes, scooters, etc. The annual output exceeded 6.5 million vehicles, and the annual sales exceeded 240 million US dollars (group sales of 500 million US dollars). The products are mainly exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Asia.
  • 125,300

    Company area (m²)

  • 19+

    Industry experience

  • 2000+

    company employee

  • 20+

    Country of sale

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Our Mission: We will be committed to improving the material and spiritual happiness of all employees while contributing to social progress.

Core Value: We insist safety first and customer oriented, focusing on honesty, integrity, collaborative innovation and results. We are enterprising and responsible.

Code Of Conduct: Deep thinking, fast action, professional and concentrating for continuous improvement.

Enterprise Spirit: Follow the right path and climb up vertically.



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Related Information

The Minnie Kids Bike is a Minnie Mouse themed children's bike. With a pink bow on the front and pink tassels around the handlebars, plus Minnie Mouse imagery on the body, this bike is a popular choice for kids who love Disney characters.

Our Minnie kids bicycle is designed to make learning to ride a bike more fun and easier than ever. We've taken the features that feel comfortable for little ones, like the coaster brake and hand brake system, and packed them into this bike's design. The steel frame allows for a comfortable ride on pavement or smooth trails, while the durable wheels offer a smooth ride over any surface.

The Steel FRAME&FORK is a must-have for light weight bikes. It provides strength and durability while minimizing weight, making it the perfect choice for kids who want to ride safely with friends or just relax around the neighborhood